yle Benson helps couples revitalize relationships in the bedroom and out. By helping them see conflict from a different perspective, he shows couples how they can use conflict to actually enhance emotional and sexual intimacy.

I can almost hear you saying to yourself, “Okay, Dr Andrea, how exactly can I use conflicts with my partner to have better sex?”

Well, you need to watch this interview to find out for yourself – but I can tell you this: arguments exist in ALL relationships (even happy ones), but they don’t have to be doom and gloom for your relationship.

In fact, here are just a few things you’ll learn by watching this video:

  • The one simple thing 86% of all happy couples do (it makes your partner feel incredibly valued, but so many people don’t do it!).
  • Many us become lazy in our romantic lives – the amount of effort we put into a relationship is sometimes the equivalent of turning on the TV (it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this “relationship laziness” can steadily kill your romantic life).
  • How to make sex stress-free – even if you’ve got tons of work and have to take care of your children.
  • Why Kyle says sex is like a massage – and what it means for your pleasure.


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Kyle Benson helps couples revitalize relationships in the bedroom and out. When he isn’t coaching or writing new articles, Kyle loves to dance salsa, immerse himself in foreign countries and lift heavy weights.Want to experience life changing intimacy? Learn more at www.KyleBenson.net.


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